Maybe I’ll See You Again One Day.

Suddenly, what I thought last week doesn’t matter anymore

My view of the world turned on its side

What I thought I knew, now I’m not so sure

To my old way of thinking I cannot abide

I thought I knew everything about nothing

And suddenly you were there

Smiling at me across the room

Eyes glittering with reckless abandon

You kept looking again and again

I thought I was unattractive

Old and worn, a week from my fortieth birthday

I wish I had a spine

To say hello and then something sublime

The look of you took my breath away

My heart jumped in my chest

And I wish I had something to say

So I just listened to my Walkman brand Mp3 player

And wondered how I could cross the room

And say hello to you there, dressed in layers

You caught my attention, I was absentmindedly looking

Buried in my thoughts of my fortieth birthday

I don’t look a day over twenty three

Maybe I’ll see you again one day

It’s hard to say in a City the size of this

You smile was resplendent, and I wished I could say hey

Maybe I’ll see you again one day.


About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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