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The sky was the pallid white of an overcast day with the sun fighting unsuccessfully to break through the clouds. Shining unseen casting an unearthly glow on everything. Molly sat on the median of the freeway watching the cars speed … Continue reading

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Blood Red Room.

Led blind I follow The light burns my retina These walls are blood red the floor the sickly colour Of scabs left to dry and rot Its my fault that I got myself caught The other side of the road … Continue reading

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A Quick Update.

So I’ve been in Toronto for a month and a half and haven’t really been doing much. For the first 3 weeks I was looking for a job and an apartment, which proved fruitful for both. I have a job … Continue reading

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Last night I wandered away I found a place I could hide away I dreamed of how to get there I did it all on a dare But I knew I wouldn’t see you there In my mind there you … Continue reading

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Darkness and light All the things we do in spite of ourselves To change our fortunes To alter the flow of events From one day to another We say we’re resistant to change But we crave it all the time … Continue reading

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I wish there was another way I could tell you All of the things I meant to say All the years that have passed Since I simply walked away I saw you wanted your freedom I saw you wanted away … Continue reading

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In the dying days Your light fades I just wish I could see the way To turn back the clock To a time when I gave a fuck   You smile radiant and sunny I remember something you said that … Continue reading

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