Kaine Delay Holding A Spatula

Ok, so The Bloggess (bless her heart, I don’t know her I only follow her) has Wil Wheaton Collating Paper, which is a very cool thing.

Just to show some solidarity I have Kaine Delay Holding a Spatula.

Yes Kaine Delay of Left Spine Down. Rejoice now you can see how he looks holding a spatula.

A rockstar holds a Spatula

This is Kaine Delay of Left Spine down holding a Spatula of Doom!

When people start spamming me I’ll send them here if they offer me “Nathan Fillion Holding some Twine.” (The Bloggess said that. He doesn’t have pics of him holding Twine and won’t do it, he’s not as cool as Kaine.)

Check out their page at: www.leftspinedown.com


I just self-published a book of poetry. I’ve written poems that have been turned into songs by some pretty big bands uncredited. Now I want to pay my rent, so if you like this picture buy my poetry!

You can get it here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/kevin-t-mccrank/daydreams-in-the-darkness/hardcover/product-20729071.html


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