I fell in love with a video star.

Although I’ve never actually sat down in front of her drinking a Java and nervously talking too much while she does, I’ve been sending messages to Felicia Day since before Geek and Sundry launched… I’m as in love as I can be from the distance and knowledge of what she’s like off camera as a person can be. In a perfect world we’d end up face to face and instead of saying Eeep and the other smiling and shrugging and walking away we went for a cup and hit it off… She’s the kind of woman I’m really into.

I’ve been away for a while. And yes that does mean that I want to Date Katherine Felicia Day…. So I think of her when I hear Various Methods of Escape and I Would For You.

Kev.veK Vortex McCrank.


In a dream I had of you

We saw nothing happen but a boring day

Sitting around and watching toons and explosions

Nothing more than a peaceful day

In that time we cuddled and canoodled

I woke you grinning and enamoured

Then I remember I felt the same

The Day I got Evicted and walked away from my blog.




About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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One Response to I fell in love with a video star.

  1. vortexian says:

    So Felicia if you read this…

    I may have met Timothy Leary in 2000 and smoked a joint with him and hung out for a couple of hours at the Green Room in Toronto… It’s the kind of place I’d go with you.

    I’ve also briefly met Edward Norton in Toronto, hung out with Keanu Reeves, Trent Reznor, and Marshall Mathers. All by randomly meeting them. In WInnepeg, and The Blunt Bros in Van.

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