Dreams, Fucked Up Dreams.

I’ve been having really screwed up dreams lately. In one I was doing drugs I just don’t and would never do… Why the hell did I dream I was smoking crack. Jesus Christ… I hate that shit so much. But at least in the dream I quit smoking it.

In another dream I was being harassed by my estranged father and went as far as going to the airport to take a flight to get far away from him. Which is almost reality, I moved from Vancouver to Toronto to not be in the same city as that sociopath. In the dream at the airport I saw my ex girlfriend who I haven’t seen in over ten years and I’m pretty sure hates me for dumping her. No one else has ever dumped her. After we reconnected in the dream she took me to her parent new house that looked like it was in the prairies with wheat fields visible from the gigantic living room. I was more interested in talking to her parents than her. I miss that girl’s parents, they showed me what life could be like. In the dream we talked for a while about the psychotic dad thing, and then I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep but had a job interview and I thought I’d slept way in but when I looked at the time it was only 7:45 am. I’m usually up by 7 so I guess I slept in a little.

I don’t know why I’m having fucked up dreams, my medication hasn’t changed, maybe it’s because I’m not smoking pot anymore. The crack dream fucked my head up, I don’t know what I think about that. It was really strange. I personally think everyone that smokes crack should be locked up and forcibly rehabilitated. Like with force. One of the major reasons I hated Vancouver so much is the massive number of crack heads there. It’s like their Mecca… Probably because most of them sleep in shelters and can’t keep it together enough to have a home.

In other news I’m looking for a job in Toronto that pays enough that I don’t have to go on Welfare, or Notfair as I call it. I had a promising interview today, and they gave me a second interview tomorrow. I’m really hoping I get this job. The money would come in really handy.


Oh, Poop and Stuff.


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I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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