RePost: This Story is Already in Progress.

Someone wondered what it was like to smoke marijuana with me. Lots of off kilter philosophy while thick clouds of grey smoke form above our heads, a conversation about Sartre degenerates quickly into an argument about the existence or non existence of god, the joint moves clockwise as they ignore the pass the dutchie on the left hand side rule, and I light a cigarette much to the dismay of the 20 something girl wearing white PVC that obviously has opinions about smoking.

She asks me to move “over there” or put it out and I respond with, “but its my pot, super purple K.”

Her eyes roll into the back of her head seemingly and time is moving slowly “fine…” she takes two steps backwards and I realize I had no chance so I shouldn’t have even thought she was hot…

The sky is that muted dark blue of city lights drowning out the sky. My DJ friend asks me if I liked his set, and I smile a bit before answering as smoke pours out of my nostrils. “It was really good, I would have danced if I had any energy. I’ve been up since 6 am.”

“I hear you brother, I got up at 5:30 this morning I think I’ve had about twenty coffees.” As the joint gets put out my DJ friend pulls out a thick joint and lights it up, this time the dutchie passes on the left hand side.

“Pot wasn’t like this when I was young that’s for sure” A grey haired man in his late 50’s that up til that point had been silent save for a “good day, don’t mind if I do.”

I take a hit off of the joint and have forgotten all of the words I’d planned to say, I cough, people laugh. And the conversation drifts from menial subject to menial subject until the DJ mentions the Large Hadron Collider and we begin talking about time travel. I assert that Jesus had a life ripe with time travelers and that the star of Bethlehem was a time travel satellite sent to record the birth and prove the dominant western religion to at least be about a real guy. I never doubted that a philosopher existed, we argue about divinity me taking the side that divinity is a delusion and men can perform miracles if the right circumstances exist which brings me back to my argument that Jesus (or Yeshua as the historical one was known) was the victim of a time travel prophecy that a Christian nation with Time Travel technology would do anything to make exactly like the one in the oft edited bible.

My DJ friend puts out the joint and says it’s time to go in, I wander off alone and finish my cigarette before heading into the club for more music and maybe another beer.

My head was swimming a bit as I entered the Club again, my mind drifting to the alt metal blasting out the speakers. I look around, it’s maybe 11 pm and people have just started arriving. I came at opening to have some time to talk with my promoter friend and the two DJs I know that spin industrial/goth/alternative music there. One of the DJs and some friends of his and a random dude were who I’d smoked a bit of herb with, but we all scatter to opposite ends of the club when we get in. Anti-social is the mood, and some young new people arrive and look around surveying the bar and its freakily dressed patrons.There are around 15 people in the bar, I think about how much I like nearly empty bars as ore people show up. My sister’s ex boyfriend and the crew of people he hangs around with show up. I stand up and say hi, the Faint is playing on the speakers so I go and dance. A few songs later and a bit sweaty I go back to my table to see it’s taken over by people i’ve never seen before. I politely grab my jacket and start looking around the club for people to conglomerate with.

After a few minutes I track down both of my DJ friends and offer a smallish joint. They both say sure and we head outside again. I light a cigarette and look for other people to come with us. Thankfully the girl in the white PVC is nowhere to be seen. Some social climbing types come up and start talking to the DJs and then we decide its time to go into the graffiti covered alleyway. On one wall is a commissioned mural, on the other is random marker scrawl by people who are clearly more insane than me. I at least can delete things off of the internet. We laugh about the new graffiti and DJ one lights up his fat party joint. DJ two pulls out a pipe. The tall blonde woman with hooker boots joins us. She turns out to be nicer than I expected. I remark at how beautiful and tall she is, without any intention of hitting on her, she is in fact far too tall for my 5 foot 7 frame to feel adult with. Still she is stunning and sweet. She doesn’t smoke so she refuses the joint. My gay friend joins us as he was looking for the blonde and immediately inserts himself next in line for the shrinking joint. We’re talking about fashion and fireworks, while the dim drone of the music playing in the club drifts out the open door around the corner outside of the alley. My gay friend mentions that the blonde and I are both single, I nervously point out that I’m not looking and the blonde agrees. We laugh about it, and I light my joint.

The half moon is visible above the club through the hole in the buildings, standing tall like forest pines. My DJ friends begin asking me if I’d heard various songs. My answer to all but the pop songs is yes. I mention some European songs I like and one of them copies it into their phone. DJ two is complaining about how his girlfriend never has any time for him. I call him a bitch and we laugh. Then DJ one launches into a tale about him and an ex that relates to DJ one’s woes. I bless my singlehood. The joints finished everyone decides to go in. I’m feeling really tired so I say my goodbyes to all the people there I know and grab the bus home.


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