Eat Your Dinner.

Last night I went to see my best friend Chinard. Him and I have known each other ever since 1990, when I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture show for the dozenth time in Ottawa with my friends Katy and Sue. Chinard was dressed up as Riff Raff complete with wig and I played Rocky “Uuuh!” Chinard and I became close pretty quickly and there was something funny involving Red Lobsters and Black Label beer.

Him and I haven’t seen each other in five years and luckily when we were hanging out it was like no time had passed and we were back in the good ole days (Albeit without any blotter paper blowing our minds) I got to meet his three year old son, who is cute as a button! The little guy squeaks a lot and Chinard says “Squeal like a pig boy!” and he squeals like a pig. One day the kid is going to see Deliverance and realize how wrong it is… But until then its a really fun time.

Drake is the happiest kid I’ve ever met, he’s constantly singing and giggling and smiling. Last night I arrived as they were eating dinner and Drake, being a fussy eater didn’t want to eat. So Chinard, Sue (his house mate) and I all started doing silly voices trying to make eating the yummy pasta a good time for the little guy. I sang the Eat your dinner song which I made up on the spot and Steve appealed to his dislike of going to bed. After my song he started eating with his hands and showing us his chewed up food.

After we got Drake to eat and Chinard’s friend took him to the park we went and got a 12 of beer and drank for the evening. I had an engaging conversation with his Father about Dr. Who and various other genre TV shows while he flashed Illuminati Gang Signs. I saw the all seeing eye. Gary is a good guy and he used to be head of E-Commerce at IBM, he’s retired now. I was always afraid of Gary in the past. I found him an imposing guy, but this time we had a good talk and a few good laughs over beers.

I made the right decision in coming back to Toronto. I’m already happier.

Here is my second draft of the Eat Your Dinner Poem/Song. I’ll figure out a chorus later.

Eat your Dinner

It’s so good

Eat your dinner

You little squeaker

It’s got nutrients that you need

It’s got a tasty flavour that blows your brain

Eat your Dinner

Eat your dinner

Eat it all up

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

Like a little monster

That needs to eat his dinner

Eat it all up

Yum yum yum

It’s so tasty and delicious

Eat your dinner

Eat your dinner

Eat your dinner

Before it eats you!

Look at you

Look how cute

As you gobble up your dinner

The way you eat is a total head spinner

So now you little squeaker

Eat your yummy dinner!


About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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