Cross Country Marathon Bus Ride.

So that was a long bus ride. I left Vancouver three days ago on Wednesday at 6:30 pm, loaded my 2 pieces of stow away luggage and then took my two pieces of carry on onto the bus. The bus was packed so that first night it was hard to sleep, but I met a guy who looked like Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius that talked CONSTANTLY. He wasn’t a bad guy but boy was he talkative. He had been living in Vancouver for about six months and had decided that it was time to go to Calgary, he didn’t have a place to stay and had very little money. He confided in me that he was planning on staying in a homeless youth shelter and panhandling. Yay fun life.

It was while I was talking to Jimmy Neutron that I met Irish, Irish was crazy. He was a really funny guy that was running from warrants in Vancouver for stealing bottles of booze. Irish gave me 4 THC pills that I took, I had 12 joints on me for the ride that I had to stash in my socks because of the security check at the bus station. I was a little bit worried but got my pot through.

At the first stop I smoked a Joint with Irish and Jimmy Neutron. Irish entertained us with his woman stories, and talked about his medicinal exemption for brain damage. Irish had a Cotton Candy Joint that he shared and I smoked my satanic kush. Afterwards I tried to sleep sitting up on a moving bus. Its not as easy as it sounds when the guy next to me kept leaning on me and waking me up.

We talked while we were awake about THC pills (which were kicking my ass) and the weed we had. Irish was pissed off that he wouldn’t have enough to bring all the way to Montreal. I had 10 grams and knew it wouldn’t last all the way til Toronto, so I don’t know why Irish thought his 4 grams would last til Montreal. Jimmy Neutron finally fell asleep. So Irish and I could finally sleep now that Neutron had stopped nattering on and on about the tattooist he fucked for his “Live Life” tattoo.

The first rest stop of the second day I smoked a few cigarettes and had a joint. Irish was entertaining, and Jimmy Neutron talked on and on. Irish was a little bit crazy but in a good way, still I really wouldn’t want to piss him off, he was tough. I was pleasantly stoned on the THC Pills and weed until we got to Calgary, Neutrons last stop.

We arrived in Calgary 2 hours early at 8 am instead of 10 am. Neutron, Irish and I decided to walk downtown so I could find a decent coffee. The quest for the Starbucks had begun. In Vancouver you can’t spit without hitting a Starbucks, but in Downtown Calgary there were none, I settled on a Second Cup and got a cup of Caramellow coffee for the first time in years, I highly recommend the Caramellow coffee, Its delicious.

We ditched Neutron at the Second cup and worked our way back to the bus station. Irish smoked some more of his Cotton Candy weed with me, and I could really taste the sugar in it. Its a delicious strain that tastes a lot like cotton candy, the pungent smoke filled my lungs and my problems started melting away. I was having a good time and my anxiety seemed to be gone. Probably all the weed and THC pills. I felt 0 anxiety on those pills.

When we got back to the bus station with 2 hours to kill, we would have stayed in Downtown Calgary longer but there is nothing to do in Downtown Calgary on a Thursday morning, we went out to smoke a joint and met up with another passenger that also had a medical exemption. We smoked a joint with him, and then we smoked one of mine. The conversation was pleasant, Irish was going on and on about how annoying Neutron was, and the new guy whose name I forgot (must have been good pot… White Widow) Talked about my hometown Ottawa, he was also from there. After that I took an hour nap on the benches.

When I woke up I went through the security screen and left my joints in my back pocket which they didn’t check. A couple of years ago someone decapitated someone on the Greyhound. Scary stuff but I doubt it would happen again. We got on the Bus and talked some more, Irish kept talking about weed. He was kind of a heat score. I played my Vita and got farther in Gravity Rush and Sound Shapes, a good time both games. Until Winnipeg it was pretty uneventful. I just smoked more pot with Irish and smoked cigarettes at every stop. I met some older people that were really nice too.

In Winnipeg there was another security screen and two pretty french girls from Calgary had their weed confiscated, Irish and I started talking about it to them on the bus. They were both really sweet and at the next rest stop I smoked some pot with the one that smoked and we all talked. I developed a bit of a crush on Leah, Cou Cou was also really cool but Leah was more my type. Nothing happened but conversation and weed smoking… Leah seemed to like Irish. As it always is.

To cut a long story short I socialized until Sudbury where Leah, Cou Cou, and Irish all went on a different bus and then rode the home stretch til Toronto. I drank a lot of coffee and spent 50$ on food.

After getting into Toronto I called my friend that I’m staying with and he wasn’t home til later so I gathered up my luggage and went to the Green Room, a back alley cafe that I like. I didn’t go to the Green Room in the nineties because my ex girlfriend was always here and I like avoiding her. Now she lives in Vancouver. She followed me. Stupid. I dumped her because she can’t keep her pants on.

So now I’m sitting at the Green Room Blogging. That was my bus ride. It was actually more interesting than usual.


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