Long Wait.

A long wait for my friend Sean that I’m staying with to get home… I went to the Green Room for Spring Rolls and a few beers. I can’t really afford to do that but I had to do something while I wait. Now I’m sitting in a Tim Hortons coffee shop just waiting. You’d think that after three days I’d have more to say. I can say that the french girls on the bus Leah and Cou Cou were really sexy. I loved their french attitudes, and the fact that they smoked a few joints with me helped.

I’m going to miss my friend Spider, the occasional hanging out with Kaine, and some of the Djs and promoters I knew, and my friend Chris, but all truth be told, I didn’t like or fit in Vancouver much. I didn’t like the people I usually met, and I couldn’t find anyplace to hang out and meet people at. Vancouver drained the life out of me. Now I have places to hang out at at least. Hanging out is how I meet people. An overheard conversation or a lonely coffee drinker are the ways I meet people. The way I hang out I’ll be broke in a week but I’ll have met some people. I hang out in cafes and bars, goth bars.

The Green Room is fun, its located in the alleyway behind Future Bakery on Bloor st. and has good Spring Rolls. I ate some this evening, they really hit the spot. I was glad to sit around a place that I can sit around at. They don’t have those places in Vancouver. Vancouver has expensive places that “serve ’em and street ’em” In Toronto there are places that LIKE when people hang out for a few hours and people drop in to see them. This city has regulars. I plan on being a regular at a few places if I can. Tomorrow I plan on visiting some places I knew the owners of the last time I was in TO. That should be fun to catch up and see how business is going. As a Business Major I appreciate the intricacies of business.

I’m happy to be in Toronto. I still plan on visiting LA sometime in the future. Once I have my web series finished and maybe another screenplay.

If you have blue green eyes and still read this. Hi. Hi again. I like you.


About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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