Leaving Vancouver.

I Leave for Toronto today so there likely won’t be any new posts until September 2nd.

I’m looking forward to getting there, I’ll be just in time to watch Dr Who’s premiere on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to the bus ride, but at least for the three days I’ll be sitting I’ll have entertainments. I’ve got my PS Vita and some games to play through and the 2 2 hour stopovers will give me a chance to charge my Vita at least half way for more game playing. I’ll also have my laptop, which is only good for 3 hours at a time, but I can watch some TV shows I have saved. Wilfred and Weeds. I might also watch Avengers finally. On top of those I’ll have two devices with music on them so if I don’t like the people on the bus I can easily ignore them.



About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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