If they Force You Into a God »Fuck.

Hail Satan, make a deal with the devil to be an Atheist. Then the devil won`t take your soul. No more gods. I`m a Satanic Saint and still and Atheist.

Communion Wafer tastes like ASS. I actually `rimmed` a girl once and it tasted like communion wafer.

Satany Goodness!!!

Try the Devil`s Weed »Fuck »Fuck again »fuck one more time. With anyone that you can find that you can get it up for or get wet for.

Smoke pot and have some sex you deserve it.

So just say “Hi, I find you like REALLY attractive… I know I’m not who you want, but wanna have some sex? I’ve got condoms. Like really we won’t get who we want but we`ll have some sex and maybe do some talking… Like communication… I haven’t had sex in ((X Time)). For realz.”

It’ll get the one you want jealous enough to get at least a response. Cuz you know they know.

Beat up a crack head, you’ll feel better. Maybe a serious beating will get them off that shit. It’s actually DESIGNED to kill people horribly.


If you’re remotely attractive and have been EVER BEEN poor and someone called you a Horrible Person, then they meant WHORE ABLE.

Ask For A Real Box To Go To Leviathan!

Read This and Guess What I Did When I Was 12.

If you get a box, wind it all the way so you have more time to solve the puzzle. Its really a fun time. Ask to see Hellraiser the Fairy Tale.

Beg for the Magnus Box…. Bill Gates used to own it.

Send People to the Pyramid Gallery. Tell them to buy a box if they want to touch your vajayjay. They turn you on.

Ask for same day delivery if you can. Offer to pay the price.

My phone is in my name and if you use reverse lookup you can find my number and address.


About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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4 Responses to If they Force You Into a God »Fuck.

  1. vortexian says:

    I must *have* really *liked* that girl.

  2. vortexian says:

    `158 Views all time` I just need 42 more.

  3. vortexian says:

    You know I`m playing with your perceptions right?

  4. vortexian says:

    IF those are real boxes do I need to be forgiven?

    No. I don`t. People are assholes.

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