Athiesm. More later.

Why can’t there be a nation where Atheism is the major religion.

If someone needs a god like Jesus/Yeshua to forgive them their “sins”, and they are so bad that they can not forgive themselves I don’t want to know them. Because I don’t forgive shit like that. I expect the people around me to be good enough people that they don’t need to ask ANYONE for forgiveness. Like If you need to ask Jesus to forgive you GO AWAY!


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I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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2 Responses to Athiesm. More later.

  1. vortexian says:

    Learn spoken aramaic and listen to what Yeshua says to the Devil in the Passion… Like not the written stuff but the words. Listen to the words.

  2. vortexian says:

    I rolled a level 100 beyonder in Marvel Comics RPG Naturally. Thats rolling 100 twice. So I switched dice to not cheat accidentally with loaded dice, because it had to be loaded dice.. Had TO. Then I rolled 99 powers consecutively. And rolled a power level for each power. I rolled level 100 flight. Times 100, Time 100 because of being a level 100 BEYONDER. I switched dice about 20-40 times. Its the Nate Grey Creation. I believe in dead mutuants and X-Time. Lots of people do.

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