Plumbing issues. That’s what I heard. That’s why 23 West isn’t open. But lucky me, Sanctuary, the goth night, got moved to a club just down the street from my house. The Anza.

I had been talking to Kaine Delay on Facebook off an on over the week, revealing some of the reasons I’m fucked up to a curious friend. He asked if I was going to Sanctuary, which I usually don’t, but I decided to go anyway. A little bit of dancing might do me some good and the Zombie walk was that day so there would be a lot of people.

I went down to the Anza at around 9:30, doors were at 9. On the way there I picked up a coffee and casually went to the bar. I sat out front letting the curls of smoke from my cigarette caress my face as I sipped my coffee. Why don’t bars start serving good coffee… Like a Starbucks. They’d make some money, people like coffee. When I was done my coffee and cigarette (In this country you can’t smoke inside) I went in and found a seat. I sat and watched the zombies and survivors getting their drunk on and then some people sat with me, three guys. I introduced myself and found out their names, after a little bit of small talk one of them gave me a, beer which was a nice thing. While having one of those conversations that only happen just after meeting someone and drinking my beer one of the guys asked me if I wanted a shot so I went to the bar line. At 9:50 there was a line, busy night. We talked and he was young. He wasn’t much of an intellectual, I met some Normal People… I really don’t think like a normal person, but normal conversation was refreshing. My new friend was broke and I only had enough money to buy a shot for me, so I had a shot of Tequila and went out for a smoke with the boys.

After a few laughs I broke off and went inside. I found myself an empty table and just watched people dance for a while, danced for a bit to a couple of songs and saw a very attractive woman in a Ghostbusters shirt with these cool nerdy glasses… I probably should have talked to her she smiled at me a few times. But I have serious intimacy issues and I’m hard to get into bed. I know that about myself. It was still fun to dance, there was an aggressive guy fight dancing that kept hitting me so I moved closer to the girl… Then I danced at her, such a lame club thing, but I was just looking I left my credit card at home so to speak. A fling might be good for me, but I don’t want to find a reason to stay. There are two people I know that would be a reason to stay. I want to leave this city.

So after a bit of dancing I sat down and met a librarian from my old school Langara College. I went there up until this year studying Business and English, I plan on finishing in Toronto because the school there transfers into the school I want to end up at. We chatted a bit, he was from the UK and interesting, he knew my favorite instructor Karen. After a little bit of fantastic conversation, Librarians are good talkers, I went out for a smoke.

Halfway through my cigarette Kaine Delay showed up. He went in and paid cover, you’d think that when he got signed to Metropolis Records that he’d not have to pay cover anymore, but the world doesn’t work like we thought when we were young. I went in and said hi to Kaine, he told me some funny stories and we made fun of Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. I related the story of the time some JeWi’s came to my door when I was having some crazy sex with my girlfriend and answered the door in my bathrobe. As soon as I knew it was J Ws I let my robe fall open with a half erection and they talked to me about god for 1/2 hour while I was naked… I was NAKED! “I can only fake it when I’m sitting naked.” We had a good laugh.

After a smoke and some more stories about tours that were pretty funny we went up to the bar and got a couple of shots of Whisky. Bang. Bang. More socializing with people I’ve met before that don’t remember me. I don’t go to Skank often and hadn’t been there in a while I prefer Descent Sundays because I know more people that I talk to more there. I also smoke a lot more pot there. Kanine and I talked for most of the night, smoked a Joint and then I bumped into a woman I really like, but is a lesbian, so I know there is no chance but I’d like to, and I told her that. I’m leaving after all. I know I don’t have a chance with her, I’m fully aware that she just doesn’t like men. Which sucks because shes my type and I really like talking to her. I bet naked she’s a reason to blind myself.

At about 12:30 am I decided to go home, I was tired. I go to sleep most nights at around 11 pm. Even on Weekends. I’m not as young as I was. So that was probably my last Skank in Vancouver. It was a good time.


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