Censorship and Plagiarism.



So on a web show I like called Written By A Kid (Cold East) on Geek and Sundry (find them on Youtube and subscribe its better than TV) on the Google + post some assmidgets started calling an 8 year old a plagiarist. Its an 8 year old you trolls! Apparently the kids story is similar to an Electric Company Sketch called One Bad Apple. I looked. So its a western with food. But other than that the two STORIES are different. One is about negative words like “dreadful” the other is about words like S***f****r which could be Smurfdoor but is probably shitfucker.

To end this rant before I go off on a bunch of dick fucking trolls (Your dick needs to be a needle or you’ve got to use a knife to fuck dick people) I just want to say its not plagiarism. Cold East is original, and if it is plagiarism then every cop show set in New York with Cops and Crime in it is plagiarism. Setting and Theme are both limited, so it is nearly impossible to have a story with a unique setting unless you’re doing some sort of scifi/fantasy and even then settings are usually derivative. There are a limited number of Theme’s too, its why in school people study stories and poems and essays with similar, or even identical themes.





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