Tiptoe on the Eggshells.

When someone you know is broke (like me. I paid a giant cell bill) at a bar and they ask you if you’ll buy them a drink its a simple yes or no answer. I personally don’t want to hear why, and not hearing why preserves friendships. Everyone has a friend that they have to buy drinks for every once in a while. It’s a symptom of a bad economy and a fact of social circles. There are broke people.

Run and hide. Scary broke people.

They understand the value of money too. So stop having to buy people drinks, or anything else and only do it when you *want* to. And don’t spray a reason, just say No, or Yes. It makes life easier for everyone. If they ask Why? I don’t want to. It should be enough to not destroy their world.

I’m tired of people walking on tiptoes around me. I’m not in a fragile state. I’m actually feeling pretty emotionally strong, I’ve faced fears and made decisions. Yeah I was recently in the hospital for a crazy head problem, but that was for 11 days, which is like a vacation and other than being surrounded by drug addicts not such a bad experience. At least when I had a private room. Sleeping in the same room as other people bothers me, I never went to camp. I camped with scouts once as not a scout. But that was with my own tent.

I am stoned, not so much drunk. I’d like to be tonight though. I really would. I don’t look forward to the puking that would come with it. A curse of a low tolerance.

Eggshells. I hate when people walk on them. I don’t have the plague, I’m the same person I was after 3 years of stability. Just a bit pissed off at this momentous year. It’s been a pretty bad year. Utter shite. I hope it gets better. I haven’t been able to finish a semester of school this year… I’m really annoyed about that, I got hospitalized on the first day of classes. I think i was drugged. I’m not going to say who here. Lets just saay a toxic person wanted me out of school because it made hi feel small. I’m certain this person is a sociopath, and I’ve done some research into sociopathic behaviour and this guy fits the behavior.


Rant Off.


About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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