Reflecting Pool.

I’m one third of the way through writing my web series. I’ve written 17,500 words in the last week and I’m loving every minute of it.

Vortex you ask, what is this web series? Well hypothetical reader whom I imagine with giant blue green eyes, I’m writing a web series that takes place in the 2020’s in a dystopian version of America that has an alternate timeline starting from the election of George W Bush. I’m basing it on the world of Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero as I see it.

I’ve met Trent and talked to him a few times. He turned some of my poetry into music, I asked to be uncredited and unpaid. I’m not going to say which ones just that I began writing to Trent in 1999 and have kept correspondence up for the last 13 years off and on. I’m pretty certain from about 2008 on he thought I had died.I stopped writing for a while. How do I know he reads it? I’ve met him a half dozen times at least. I don’t keep count of how many times I see human beings. Yes he is my favorite Rock Star, but he’s also just a guy I happen to know. Not well, but if I was famous or in the same social circle as Trent I’m certain we would probably be good friends. When we’ve seen each other we’ve gotten along.

People think I’ve died pretty often. When I left Toronto in 2000 people assumed I had jumped off my balcony, I apparently had a beautiful funeral and “people” had been there. I had really just relocated myself to Vancouver and the West Coast. In High School I was rumored dead one year after getting kicked out. For years afterwards I’d bump into people who saw them announce my death at an assembly and they’d ask how come I wasn’t dead. That time it was drugs. I had really just taken an extended vacation to Toronto to see my best friend to this day. In my early 20s it happened again when my girlfriend of four years and I broke up. I dumped her, but i apparently killed myself over it. I really just got depressed and drank a lot. I hardly drink at all these days because of that experience with alcohol. Now I’ll drink 2-3 drinks, then I’d drink 2-3 pitchers, or 2-3 bottles of wine. I was miserable. Now I’m not miserable, just bored. Mercilessly bored.

Back to the web series. Its a dystopian world featuring several female characters interacting with the world which is the real enemy in it. I kind of let my neo-conservative nightmare go wild for it. I have a lot of background in my head that makes the world a nightmare. In my story the global economy has collapsed and the strongest militaries in the world control things. And America is the strongest. But the Neo-Con agenda has eroded the freedoms of everyone in the American Territories, which have expanded because of the expansionist attitude of GWB who ended term limits. Thats just the background, I’m telling the story mostly through character and dialog. I’m enjoying writing it and have had to take myself out of my comfort zone to write a creepy sex scene that has to get creepier in a later draft. 58 pages of text in under a week… I’m averaging 3,500 words a day.

Other than that I will be moving back to Toronto in a month, which I’m looking forward to.


About vortexian

I'm a long time net user and writer. I just thought I'd collect somethings here.
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