Reboot my coffee cup, and do you have a light?

Nervously I sat in the huge open space replete with graffiti on all of the walls and pictures hung at even intervals. Blunt Brothers was indeed a respectable joint. There were couches on the south side of the room and a three tier stage also with couches. I had come in looking to have a coffee and smoke some pot while maybe meeting some tourists. I liked meeting tourists, especially from Europe and the States.To quote Fight Club they were good “single serving friends.” that day the only seat available was on the middle and highest part of the stage. The other side of the room had low tables and chairs and every seat was filled with a marijuana smoking patron.

The air was thick with smoke and I asked the group of five guys if I could join them and they said that I could. I sat down on one of the couches and introduced myself. They told me they were the writers from Reboot the first computer animated television show. I told them I was a fan and had really enjoyed the third season. I related a story about how I’d take a break from my job at a book sale and watch it at the hip bistro across the street, Insomnia. I drank a bit of my coffee and lit my joint, I had only brought one but shared. The writers pulled out a big bag and dropped it on the low table. I offered to roll. As I was rolling they told me they were trying to come up with the story for the fourth season Reboot movie. As I finished rolling a joint from their bag I said “Do you want to hear what I would do? if I were a writer for Reboot?”

“Sure, why not.” One of them said. I had only heard their names once and didn’t remember them Pot is like that, among many other things. They all nodded in agreement.

So I began to describe Daemon Rising, they remembered and used everything I said so if you want to see it it is here:

I thought Daemon shouldn’t be a nashy monster with giant teeth, but instead, a beautiful french accented woman. The french accent was a subtle homage to all of the french girls I had crushes on growing up. I love french accents, they’re just so sexy. When they’re real that is. One day I’ll relate a story about a fake french accent… Its pretty funny.

I also decided that Daemon’s virus should be like a religious thing. Televangelism gone horribly wrong. Mike the TV had to become infected to sing the gospel music of Daemon. I thought it was a cute way to make little kids afraid of Church. I’m an anti-theist…

We talked for several hours and smoked most of their bag of pot. I detailed some jokes and dialog that they remembered and a lot of the story that became the show. There is supposed to be some sort of in joke in the binary code of the aptly named “cron virus”. We smoked a lot of chronic. After several coffees and doobies I offered to come back the next day to hang out some more. I like telling people the stories I’d do.

I went home and pulled out my bag of pot, and rolled a few doobs. The guys from Reboot were really nice guys and I’d had a really good time. Normally I get anxious in social situations involving too many people, but I felt pretty relaxed, it was probably the near ounce of pot we had smoked.

The next day at around noon I went down to Blunt Brothers and they were there. I joined their table and we talked a bit, and I told them the story of My Tlwo Bobs, which dealt with some issues I’d had in a previous relationship. You can watch it here:

I asked them to give me a nod by making a character like a binome look like me, and instead they made Glitch Bob look like I did… I was really flattered. They also used my clever way of being credited and double credited Gavin Blair. I used to do an impression of Gavin from Kids In The Hall and lived near a mall called the Blair Mall growing up.

I hung out and told the story to them for about 6 hours before going home. I never saw them again, and didn’t get paid, but I told them I wouldn’t sue them if they used my ideas and I’m sure if I’d asked they would have paid me. I enjoyed my anonymity, and have used that to do other things in the media including some Doctor Who (which makes me freak out a little) and some songs which I’ve also never been paid for but told the people that they didn’t have to pay me. The point is I know what I’ve done. And if the Reboot people read this. I have more Reboot in my head. Like a trilogy of movies that changes every aspect of everything about the show in a very dramatic way as well as ties into the canonocity of the series. And I don’t care that much about money. I’d like some… But it’s not the most important thing in the universe.


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